China LG Supply Kind of High quality Forged Turnbuckles, Casting Turnbuckles, include DIN1480 Turnbuckles, US type Turnbuckles, Korea Type Turnbuckles, Closed body Turnbuckles, D-D Turnbuckles, Lashing Turnbuckles, Italy Turnbuckles, DIN1478 Turnbuckles.
Designed to take up slack and apply tension, Turnbuckles are made up of a body and 2 end fittings. Typical industrial turnbuckles are available in 5 basic styles – eye & eye Turnbuckle, Hook & Eye Turnbuckles , Hook & Hook Turnbuckles,Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles and Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles.
The inside length of the turnbuckle body determines the length that end fittings can screw in and out. Sizes are referred to by the thread diameter of the end fittings, then by the length that the end fittings can be screwed in and out. The larger the thread diameter of the end fitting, the more capacity the turnbuckle will have. The longer the length of the turnbuckle body, the more slack it can take-up.
Turning the body will draw both end fittings in simultaneously and tension will be applied.