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How to select eye bolts and use eye bolts safety

How to select eye bolts and use eye bolts safely   How should you select the right bolt? Eye Bolts are marked with their thread size NOT with their rated capacities. Make sure you select the correct eyebolt based on its type and capacity for the lift you are conducting.Use plain or regular eye bolts (non-shoulder) or ring bolts for vertical loading only. Angle loading on non-shoulder bolts will bend or break them. Use shoulder eye bolts for vertical or angle loading.Incorrect use [...]

Grade 70 Transport Chain

  Grade 70 Transport Chain     Grade 70 Transport Chain Transport chains are high strength chains used in applications where much strength is needed yet the task served is rather straightforward. Sometimes referred to as grade 70 binder chain, cargo chain, high-tensile chain, or trucking chain, this heavy-duty chain is designed for tie down applications. Grade 70 chain is never to be used for overhead lifting.           How is Chain Grade Measured? Chain grades are specified by the NACM (National Association of Chain Manufacturers) [...]

General Safety Warnings

  General Safety WarningsFailure to follow regulations, instructions, warnings, and proper use, care and inspection criteria may result in cargo damage, severe personal injury, or death. These products are used entirely at the users’ own risk. Use of these products demonstrates an understanding of the warnings and the risks involved. Prior to using any product from our website, catalog, price sheet, or from any other exaloy information, carefully read and follow all available instructions, warnings and safety information. It is the owner’s/user’s responsibility [...]

How to select wire rope thimbles

How to select wire rope thimblesThimbles are used to protect the eyes of cable, and rope slings from abrasion by providing a solid steel barrier between the fragile cable strands and the other rigging fitting used in the connection. Thimbles also prevent eye deformation or kinking by giving structure to the cable eye. After repeated high load use, wear and kinking can reduce the strength of the cable, and can lead to premature failure.   Thimbles come in two different duty [...]

Selecting the Correct Lifting Chains to Use

Selecting the Correct Lifting Chains to Use     The chain rigging should be selected precisely to suit the type, length and fastening method of the goods carried, and the wrong choice may cause the chain break to occur! So it is important to Selecting the Correct Lifting Chains to Use. The lifting chain rigging is not suitable for flat or smooth surfaces of suspended objects or temperatures outside the range of 40 Shan to + 400 Shan (over + 200 Shan rated [...]