How to use Wire Rope Clips Safety-Warning


Wire Rope Clips

Wire rope clips are fittings used to make an eye or join two cable or wire rope ends together. They are a simple fitting that can be installed in the shop or in the field. There are three basic types of steel wire rope clips – Drop forged, malleable iron and fist grip types. The intended application for the wire rope or cable should determine which type to use.

For important or critical applications and if to be used in overhead lifting or suspending, always use standard drop forged type and drop forged fist grip type clips. Never use a for these applications.


Drop Forged Wire rope Clips

Forging is the practice of heating a piece of steel and hammering it to shape. Doing this gives the steel linear grain structure and greater strength. In the drop forged clips, the saddles are the parts that are drop forged. The saddles of malleable iron clips are made from a grade of steel with poorer strength qualities and is cast into shape and therefore, has a granular microstructure and not linear. This means the cast malleable saddle can yield under greater loads and cause the wire rope or cable to slip through and potentially fail. In general, forging is stronger than a casting.

In drop forged and fist grip type clips, the saddle pieces are hot dip galvanized and the bolts and nuts are electro-galvanized (zinc plated). With malleable clips, the saddles, u-bolts and nuts are electro-galvanized.



Parts of a Wire Rope Clip & Assembly

The components of wire rope clips are the saddle, the bolt(s) and the nuts.








Wire Rope Clip Safety Notice!

Under the approved Code of Practice for Load Lifting & Rigging, slings assembled with wire rope clips are not to be used for lifting.

Wire rope clips should be inspected before use to ensure that:

  • all markings are legible;
  • the wire rope clip is free from nicks, gouges and cracks;
  • a wire rope clip with the correct dimension has been selected;
  • never repair or reshape a wire rope clip by welding, heating or bending as this may affect the performance.