1″ Ratchet Straps w/S Hook

1″ Ratchet Straps w/S Hook

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1″ Ratchet Straps w/S Hook



Our 1″ Ratchet Straps w/S Hook are made from a combination of strong, hard wearing webbing and tie down hardware and the soft polyester webbing conforms to the shape of the load and is flexible at any angle.

S-Hook ratchet straps are the most common type of light application tie downs. These straps are the heaviest duty 1” tie downs on the market.



1″ Ratchet Straps w/S Hook—–Specification:

Size(inch):                           1”
Breaking Strength(Kg/Lbs): 800-1000/1760-2200
Hook:                                   S Hook
Webbing;                             Color:Yellow/Orange/Blue/Red

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  • Use only not damaged tensioning device,tags can clearly show that ability
  • Can’t use overload
  • Do not use ribbon knot
  • When used,please try to make the fabric away from sharp edges, from wear or cutting.
  • Avoid twist and the ground layout tensioning device
  • Do not place objects on the tensioning device, so as not to cause damage
  • Don’t put the tensioning device used as load lifting adjustment.