1T Duplex Polyester Webbing Sling

1T Duplex Polyester Webbing Sling

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1T Duplex Polyester Webbing Sling,Duplex Lifting Sling


1Ton Duplex Polyester Webbing Slings are manufactured using double thickness polyester webbing.   All lifting slings come with a certificate of conformity.  All of Duplex Polyester Webbing Slings are terminated with a reinforced Becket eye.

Duplex webbing slings for various lifting applications. Webbing Slings produced from Hi-tech quality synthetic webbing with advanced weaving technology for durability and strength.

All the Duplex Polyester Webbing Slings offer flexibility and ease of handling, they will provide the ideal solution to your lifting requirements.




  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 1,000kg
  • Width:25/30/50mm
  • 100% high tenacity polyester
  • According to EN1492-1 : 2000,ASME B30.9,AS1353-1
  • Safety factor available: 5:1 6:1 7:1 8:1
  • Reinforced lifting eyes, colour coded, Light weight, Easy to handle, Economical.
  • Low elongation
  • Length available: 1m to 20m
  • Complied with GS CE safety require
  • Each sling is proof tested, individually serial numbered, tagged and complete with Test Certificate
  • Customers could choice special length base on special require.



1T Duplex Polyester Webbing Sling——Specification


Part No.W.L.L.LengthWeight



 Colours enable colour coding making it easier to identify the right webbing for the right task. 




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