C Clamp Cast Steel-China LG Manufacture

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C Clamp Cast Steel-China LG Manufacture



C Clamp Cast Steel-China LG Manufacture.

Let it Pinch-Hit as a Pipe Wrench: Tighten a C-clamp around a stubborn pipe’s connector. Grab the clamp like a handle and twist it to loosen the pipe.

The thickened C clamp adopts ductile iron casting process, thickened clamp body, compressive and fatigue resistant, and the clamping object is not easy to deform. The screw is made of carbon steel forging process, which has large bearing capacity, large clamping force, and durability.

The surface of these small c clamp is treat with powder coat, which has good anti-rust performance.

We have size : 1″ , 2″ , 3″ , 4″ , 5″ , 6″ , 8″ , 10″ , 12″.


Technical & Feature

MaterialBody: Ductile iron ; Lead screw: #45
ProcessingBody: Cast
Surface FinishedBody: Powder Coated ; Lead screw: Oxidation blackening treatment
ApplicationSuitable for clamping wooden boards, various shapes of workpieces, modules, etc. mechanical maintenance, construction sites, etc.
DesignMovable chuck, movable screw rod design, easy to use ; thick thread, exquisite workmanship, long use time
Size1″ , 2″ , 3″ , 4″ , 5″ , 6″ , 8″ , 10″ , 12″
NoteSize permanently shown on the body


Specification-C Clamp Cast Steel

C Clamp Cast Steel-China LG Manufacture

Part No.SizeOpening SizeMaxThroatDepthScrewDiameterBodyLxWxH(mm)Weight/KG
LGCCLP011″26mm21mm7 mm74x50x160.11


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