Eye bolt with ring

Eye bolt with ring

  • Description

Hitch Ring with Eye Bolt, Eye bolt with ring


Hitch Ring with Eye Bolt are designed to create an anchor point allowing cables or ropes to be attached to the object. Unlike the eye bolt, the ring rotates in multiple axis reducing chance of bending the bolt.



  • Steel construction
  • Zinc plated finish
  • Nut included
  • Design for animal tie downs and other home and farm applications


Available size for Hitch Ring with Eye Bolt:

1/4″x2.00″ Eye bolt with ring        3/8″x2.50″ Eye bolt with ring
5/16″x2.25″ Eye bolt with ring       1/2″x6.00″ Eye bolt with ring
3/8″x4.25″ Eye bolt with ring         1/2″x3.25″ Eye bolt with ring


Hitch Ring with Eye Bolt—–Specification




  • For General Chain & Rope Attachment
  • Do not exceed the working load limit
  • Do Not Use for Overhead Lifting or Hoisting