G100 Ratchet Chain Load Binder

G100 Ratchet Chain Load Binder

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G100 Ratchet Chain Load Binder



Grade 100 Ratcheting  Binders (also called Chain Load Binder )are the safest way to get a secure connection with chain. G100 Ratchet Binder makes it faster and easier to tie down and re-secure big load.




  • According to EN12195-3 Standard.
  • Handle: Forged.
  • Surface Finish:Powder Plastified
  • Suitable for G100 Chain.
  • With eye grab hook with safety pin.
  • Not for lifting, only for lashing.



Grade 100 Ratchet Binder,Chain Load Binder—–Specification


Part No.WEIGHT(KG)LC/KNBF/KNA±4D±1.5H±2E±2L±3P±1Lmin±4Lmax±4

How to use Ratchet Chain Load Binder

Once you have securely attached your chain assembly to your vehicle and trailer unwind this Ratcheting Load Binder most of the way out and then place one hook end on the chain, remove slack, and then place the other hook end on the opposite side of the chain.  Ratchet the handle on the Binder and it will pull the slack from your chain.