Oval Snap Hook

  • Description

Oval Snap Hook Zinc Plated, Oval Spring Hook



China LG supply Oval Snap Hook is great for use with chain, rope and webbing of equal or lower working load limit. High Quality Zinc galvanized steel has excellent strength with superior rust resistance for outdoor use.




  • Material: Carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Surface finish: galvanized or highly polished
  • Please note these do not come with a Breaking Load Rating
  • Use as fasteners or quick attachment.
  • Size:5*50mm-11*120mm



Oval Snap Hook Zinc Plated—-Specification

Part No.SizeBSdLW.L.LN.W.
Carbon Steel mmmmmmmmmmlbskgs/100pcs


Load Rated Disclaimer: Not intended for climbing or overhead lifting, or support of human weight, athletic or playground equipment



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