Pear Shape Quick Link

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Pear Shape Quick Link



Pear Shape Quick Link with a wider end on one side make it useful for connecting different sizes of equipment on each end if needed. The quick release mechanism on these Carabiner make it convenient for connecting a variety of components together.

Quick Repair Links with a Unique Pear Shape, its curved shape gives a smooth connection for parts to fit together.The narrow end is ideal for attaching to the eye of clips or a single ring or chain link.This quick link can quickly and easily installed for long and short link chain.

Pear Shape Quick Link is self-aligning, positive threaded closure.Pear Shape Chain Repair Links can be fastened tightly with fingers, requiring no tools.



Technical & Application

MaterialCarbon Steel
ProcessingStamping / Machining
FinishElectric Galvanized / Hot Dip Galvanized
TipsNot for overhead lifting



Specification – Pear Shape Quick Link

Pear Shaped Quick Link Galvanized carbon steel

Part No.D(mm)A(mm)B(mm)C(mm)WLL(lbs)

*Do not use for overhead lifting or hoisting.*Do not exceed the working load limit.

*Pls do not use to support human weight, for playground or athletic equipment, or as a safety device.


China LG Supply also offers Pear Shape Quick Link in a stainless steel Material, has an excellent finish for use in applications with extreme exposure to dust, chemicals or environmental (such as salt water).


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