Safety Chain with S-Hooks

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Safety Chain with S-Hooks—China LG Supply


Secure anything with this easy to use heavy duty hanging chain with s-hooks on each end. Safety Chain with S-Hooks acts as a backup if your trailer becomes disconnected from your tow vehicle. Attach the middle link of this zinc-coated steel chain to your trailer’s coupler, and then hook the S-hooks to your hitch.



  • Safety chain helps ensure safe towing
  • Provides backup connection between trailer and tow vehicle
  • S-hooks on each end connect to hitch
  • Middle link attaches to trailer
  • Steel construction is strong and durable
  • Zinc coating resists rust and corrosion


Available size for Safety Chain with S-Hooks:

3/16″ x 48″ Safety Chain with S-Hooks
1/4″ x 48″ Safety Chain with S-Hooks
5/16″ x 48″ Safety Chain with S-Hooks


Safety Chain with S-Hooks—–Specification

LGSCWSH013/16″ x 48″0.880032000.880032000.88003200
LGSCWSH021/4″ x 48″1.5133053001.4130052001.413005200
LGSCWSH035/16″ x 48″2.2200080001.919006800219007600



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