Screw Eye Bolts G-275-China LG Manufacture

Screw Eye Bolts G-275-China LG Manufacture

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Screw Eye Bolts G-275-China LG Manufacture



Screw Eye Bolts G-275-China LG Manufacture.

These Forged Scrrew Bolts offer superior toughness and durability, plus they resist rust when exposed to the elements.

Screw Eye Bolts G-275 are threaded National Course before galvanizing and assembled with hex nuts tapped oversize.


Technical & Feature

Technical NotesUS Type
ProcessingForged,Quenched & Tempered
MaterialCarbon Steel
Surface FinishedHot Dip Galvanized
TipsWorking Load Limits shown are for in-line pull.


Specification -Screw Eye Bolts G-275
Screw Eye Bolts G-275

Part No.Shank Diameter  & Length (in.)Weight per 100 (1bs)Dimensions (in.)


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  • Always inspect eye bolt before use.
  • Never use eye bolt that shows signs of wear or damage.
  • Always be sure threads on shank and receiving holes are clean.
  • No machine, grind, or cut eye bolt.
  • Never undercut eye bolt to seat shoulder against the load.
  • Always countersink receiving hole or use washers to seat shoulder.
  • Always screw eye bolt down completely for proper seating.


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