SL Drum Clamp

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SL Drum Clamp


SL Drum Clamps are made by low carbon steel alloy and designed for lifting and transport oil drum. One piece of clamp is used for the testing, one piece is recommended for lifting operation. 
These Oil Drum Lifting Clamps SL Type are Durable enduring, easy operation, lifting more steady, the safety is stronger. The head rolls a design, can avoid a steel rope hurting, getting in touch with area is large, the stability is better.




  • Working Load Limited (WLL): 1T
  • Use for both horizontal and vertical lifting of (oil) drums.
  • It can be used in single or in pairs.
  • The automatic lock mechanism keeps it safe and reliable.
  • No collision when the clamp is loaded.
  • The clamp is in compact shape, lightweight and easy to use.
  • Grade 80 chain sling used for 2 legs.



SL Drum Clamp——Specification

Part No.ModelWLL
Jaw Opening