Stainless Steel Oval Snap Hook

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Stainless Steel Oval Snap Hook




Stainless Steel Oval Snap Hook also called stainless steel drop forged oval carabiner is deal for quickly attaching two or more items together. This oval spring hook easily attaches to chain, fixed and mounted rings and rope tethers and lanyards. The oval shape orients the load evenly on the pulley.
China LG supply Stainless Steel Oval Snap Hook is great for use with chain, rope and webbing of equal or lower working load limit. Oval Snap Hook 316 Stainless Steel has corrosion resistant, wet conditions also apply.



Technical & Feature

MaterialAISI 304 / AISI 316
FinishHighly Polishing
Size5×50mm   6×60mm  8×80mm  10×100mm  11×120mm
TipsNot for overhead lifting




Specification-Stainless Steel Oval Snap Hook

Oval Snap Hook Stainless Steel China LG Supply

Part No.SizeBSdLW.L.LN.W.




Load Rated Disclaimer: Not intended for climbing or overhead lifting, or support of human weight, athletic or playground equipment.

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