STC Screw Cam Clamp

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STC Screw Cam Clamp



STC Screw Cam Clamps are designed to be used in conjunction with ratchet lever hoists to align steel structures or fabrications and used for lifting of a large variety of different shaped steels, ranging from steel plates and structured steel to curve and spherical shaped steels. 

The STC screw clamp is fitted with a moveable cam on the thread spindle which provides a powerful clamping force on the work piece.




  • Working Load Limited (WLL): 1.5-3T
  • It’s ideally suited for the construction industry.
  • The articulated lifting eye ensures an effective clamping force in every position.
  • The main body is baked-on finished.



STC Screw Cam Clamp——Specification

Part No.ModelWLL
Jaw Opening