TMG Horizontal Clamp with Locking Device

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TMG Horizontal Clamp with Locking Device



The Vertical Plate Lifting Clamps are manufactured from high quality steel which has been forged, quenched, tempered and heat-treated to guarantee the safety and durability required by industrial applications.

All clamps have been ergonomically designed to be user friendly (smaller, lighter and more compact), while not sacrificing strength and durability.




  • Working Load Limited (WLL): 0.8T
  • Used for horizontal lifting of narrow L-shaped steel and various iron structures.
  • The clamp is made of high quality carbon steel.
  • No collision when the clamp is loaded.
  • The spring-load tightening lock mechanism assures a positive initial clamp force.



TMG Horizontal Clamp with Locking Device—-Specification

Part No.ModelWLL
Jaw Opening