Turnbuckle Hook & Hook US Fed. Spec.-China LG Supply

Turnbuckle Hook & Hook US Fed. Spec.-China LG Supply

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Turnbuckle Hook & Hook US Fed. Spec.-China LG Supply



Turnbuckle Hook & Hook US Fed. Spec.-China LG Supply.

Turnbuckle Hook & Hook US Fed Spec is constructed with a long sleeve with internal screw threads that accept a variety of fittings used to pull anchor points closer together or push them apart by turning the turnbuckle body.

Constructed with two reversed threaded hooks, rotated into each end of a steel frame open turnbuckle body to adjust to help equalize the load and to accommodate for the difference in sling length without twisting the ropes or cables.

Made for in-line or straight pull applications only, our cable turnbuckles feature an elongated eye to maximize ease of attachment and minimize stress on the eye.

Also called Forged Turnbuckle Hook & Hook are hot dip galvanized for durability and weather resistance.

We carry a full line of turnbuckle hardware including jaw jaw, eye eye, hook hook, eye jaw, and hook eye in various sizes from small turn buckles to large turnbuckles.

Turnbuckles are necessary equipment in marine rigging and architecture industries.


Technical & Feature 

Technical NotesUS Federal Specification FF-T-791b, Type 1 Form 1 – CLASS 5, and ASTM F-1145
MaterialSuperior Carbon Steel (1045)
Safety FactorProof tested to 2 x WLL and Minimum Break Force is 5 x WLL.
ProcessingDrop Forged + Machining + Quenched and Tempered
Surface FinishedElectric Galvanized / Hot Dipped Galvanized
Thread Dia
Take Up(in)
1/4×4 , 5/16×4-1/2 , 3/8×6 , 1/2×6 , 1/2×12 , 5/8×6 , 5/8×12 , 3/4×6 , 3/4×12 , 3/4×18 , 7/8×12 , 1×12
TipsColor Code : Customized according to customers’ requirements


Specification – Turnbuckle Hook & Hook US Fed. Spec.
Galvanized Turnbuckle Hook&Hook US Fed Spec,aka hook-hook turnbuckle,conform to US type,made of superior carbon steel,been drop forged,Zinc plated/HDG

Item No.Thread Dia&

Take Up


 (lbs) (lbs)ClosedOpenClosedOpenClosed
LG-TB-HH-US-025/16×4 1/27000.520.310.521.511.588.5814.089.584.58


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