US Fed. Specification Ratchet Chain Load Binder

US Fed. Specification Ratchet Chain Load Binder

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Ratchet Chain Load Binder, Ratchet type Load Binder


Ratchet Chain Load Binder uses fast ratchet action to secure and tie down large loads. The professional quality load binder is designed for maximum leverage. Ratchet type Load Binder makes it faster and easier to tie down and re-secure big loads.



  • Drop forged steel
  • Heat treated for extra strength
  • Fitted with grab hooks for easy connection
  • Finishing: powder coated or electronic galvanized minimum breaking loading: 3.5 times to WLL packing: carton then steel pallet


Available Size for Ratchet Load binders-Drop Forged:

1/4″-5/16″ Ratchet Chain Load Binder                  5/16-3/8  Ratchet Chain Load Binder
3/8-1/2 Ratchet Chain Load Binder                       1/2-5/8 Ratchet Chain Load Binder

US Ratchet Chain Load Binder—Specification

Part NO.SizeMin-Max Chain Size WllProof Load Breaking LoadWeight Handle Length Dimensions(in)