China LG Supply Kind of High quality Forged Turnbuckles, Casting Turnbuckles, include DIN1480 Turnbuckles, US type Turnbuckles, Korea Type Turnbuckles, Closed body Turnbuckles, D-D Turnbuckles, Lashing Turnbuckles, Italy Turnbuckles, DIN1478 Turnbuckles.
Designed to take up slack and apply tension, Turnbuckles are made up of a body and 2 end fittings. Typical industrial turnbuckles are available in 5 basic styles – eye & eye Turnbuckle, Hook & Eye Turnbuckles , Hook & Hook Turnbuckles,Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles and Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles.
The inside length of the turnbuckle body determines the length that end fittings can screw in and out. Sizes are referred to by the thread diameter of the end fittings, then by the length that the end fittings can be screwed in and out. The larger the thread diameter of the end fitting, the more capacity the turnbuckle will have. The longer the length of the turnbuckle body, the more slack it can take-up.
Turning the body will draw both end fittings in simultaneously and tension will be applied.

  • Forged Turnbuckle with Flat ends

    • Technology : Forged
    • Material : ①Turnbuckle Body : Super Forged Carbon Steel (C1045#)
                         ②Plain End : Super Forged Carbon Steel ( C1045#)
    • Finish : ROHS (CR3+ Plating )
    • Details :One Plain end with one Hole, Another end with two holes
  • Turnbuckle Eye & Eye US Fed Spec

    • Meets federal specifications FF-T-791B, Type 1, Form 1, Class 4
    • End fittings are quenched and tempered, bodies heat treated by normalizing.
    • Sharp eye points bite into wood easily and quickly
    • Manufactured from forged steel
  • Turnbuckle Hook & Eye US Fed Spec

    • Proof Load is 2.5 times the Working Load Limit. Ultimate Load is 5 times the Working Load Limit.
    • Meets specification FF-T-791b, Type 1, Form 1
    • End fittings are Quenched and Tempered, bodies’ heat treated by normalizing.
    • Hooks and eyes are forged with a greater cross sectional area that results in a stronger hook or eye with better fatigue properties.
  • Turnbuckle Jaw & Jaw US Fed Spec


    • Technical Notes: US Federal Specification
    • Material: Superior Carbon Steel
    • Safety Factor: Proof tested to 2 x WLL and Minimum Break Force is 5 x WLL.
    • Processing: Drop Forged / Machining / Quenched and Tempered
    • Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanized / Electric Galvanized
  • Turnbuckle Jaw & Eye US Fed Spec

    • Forged, heat-treated steel
    • Designed to ASTM-F 1145 Specifications
    • Locking nuts available
    • Excellent Fatigue Rating
    • 5:1 Factor of Safety
  • Turnbuckle Hook & Hook US Fed Spec

    • Meets federal specifications FF-T-791B, Type 1, Form 1, Class 4
    • End fittings are quenched and tempered, bodies heat treated by normalizing.
    • Hot Dipped Galvanized / Electric Galvanized
    • Manufactured from forged steel
  • JIS Turnbuckle Forged Steel Frame Type

    • Technical Notes: JIS Type
    • Material: Superior Mild Steel
    • Processing: Drop Forged
    • Finish: Electric Galvanized / Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Rigging Screw Turnbuckle Body

    • Material: Cold-drawn Seamless Steel tube C1020
    • Size:M6 M8 M10 M12 M16 M20 M22 M24 M28 M32 M36 M38 M45 M50
    • Processing:Quenched and Tempered
    • Finish:Hot Dip Galvanized / Electric Galvanized / Powder Coated / Self-Colored


  • DIN 1478 Closed Turnbuckle Body

    • Technical Notes:Turnbuckle To DIN1478
    • Material: Super Carbon Steel or Alloy Steel
    • Finish:Zinc plated, Hot dipped galvanized
    • Important Notes:Not for Lifting.
  • DIN 1478 Turnbuckle With Stub End

    • Technical Notes: Turnbuckle to DIN 1478
    • Material: Body : Cold-drawn Seamless Steel Tube ( C1020 )
    •                Stub End : C1020 / C1045
    • Finish: Electric Galvanzied / Hot dip galvanized
    • Imporeant Notes: Not for lifting.Only suitable for using in tension