2Ton Polyester Endless Round Sling

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 2Ton Polyester Endless Round Sling



2Ton Polyester Endless Round Sling is ideal for lifting, towing or pulling,These Polyester Round Sling features include a soft, flexible strong sleeving for delicate use and is ideal for cylindrical objects.

They can be easily safety checked as there is no hidden corrosion, does not weaken with age and has the ability to absorb shocks.




  • 2000kg Working Load Limit (WLL)
  • 100% high tenacity polyester of our sleeve and inner core
  • With two ply woven heavy duty outer sleeve
  • Effective working length available:1m to 20m
  • Safety factor available:5:1 6:1  7:1  8:1
  • According to EN1492
  • Strong, flexible & lightweight
  • Lighter than chain & less likely to cause damage
  • Easy to inspect for damage
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Shock absorbing



2Ton Polyester Endless Round Sling——Specification

 Part No.LengthColourW.L.L.Weight



Safe usage instructions indicating the correct WLL in a variety of different lifting applications.




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