4” Flat Hook Ratchet Straps

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4” Flat Hook Ratchet Straps



Ratchet straps are specifically designed to hold loads in place on trucks, trailers, rail cars, ships and other freight carriers. Our 4″ flat hook ratchet straps offer both versatility and strength, with a wide-designed hook, and a defender added at the slot to provide resistance to abrasions on the webbing.

All of our 4” Flat Hook Ratchet Straps are manufactured with a tag displaying work load limit and break strength.



4” Flat Hook Ratchet Straps—–Specification

  • Size(inch):4”
  • Working Load Limit(Lbs):5400
  • Ratchet Handle/Hook:AL Handle/Flat Hook
  • Ratchet/Hook Color:Yellow Zinc Plated
  • Webbing Material:Polyester
  • Webbing Length:4-12M




1.Never using a lashing as lifting sling

2.Never twist a webbing

3.Protect the webbing from sharp edges by such as protective sleeves

4.Chemical active environments ca effect the strength of sling

5.Polyester is resistant to acids,but affected by concentrated bases