LG Try Net Block H.D.G

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LG Try Net Block H.D.G


All of the Net Blocks are Hot Dip galvanized. Steel sheave with flame hardened groove, for maximum wear under abrasive conditions.


China LG supply also offer Enclosed Trawl Block,Regular Wood Block with Becket,Trawling Pulley Block HDG,Snatch Trawling Block,Wood Block with Swivel Hook,Wood Block With Swivel Eye,Closed Trawl Block with Swivel Oval Eye etc.So there is plenty of option when it comes to choosing the right equipment for your application.Please feel free to contact us if you need any information or have any comment.[email protected]. 




  • Flame hardened forged steel sheaves for wear resistance.
  • Double row, permanently sealed tapered roller bearings.
  • Pressure lubrication throughout
  • All steel construction
  • Hot dip galvanized
  • Very good price for the quality




No.SizeW.L.LDia of RopeNet Weight


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