Stainless Steel Large Eye Hooks

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Stainless Steel Large Eye Hooks




Stainless Steel Large Eye Hooks (also called Slip Eye Hook with Safety Catch) have a huge variety of uses within the marine and food industries and These Large Eye Slip Hooks come with a safety catch so anything over the hook cannot slip back out.

The Eye Hook features a removable safety latch and is made from 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. This stainless steel eye hook is ideal for industrial or marine applications. Working loads are based on gradual pull, not shock loads.




Technical & Application


AISI304 / 316
ProcessingCasting / Forging
FinishHighly Polishing

1/4”  ,  5/16”  ,  3/8”  ,  1/2”




Specification -Stainless Steel Large Eye Hooks

Stainless Steel Large Eye Hook with Latch

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Please Note:

China LG Stocks A Huge Variety Of Stainless Steel Hooks.

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