Stainless steel Pear Shaped Snap Hook

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Stainless steel Pear Shaped Snap Hook



Stainless steel Pear Shaped Snap Hook also called snap hook , carbine hook and Egg Shaped Snap Hook. They are in Type 316 stainless steel, which is considered “marine grade”. Type 316 stainless steel has better resistance to salts and acids that cause corrosion and pitting. So it’s ideal for outdoor uses .


Stainless steel Pear Shaped Snap Hook  make a convenient coupler for low-grade chains, or a quick simple attachment to ropes and cables. Use them to connect just about anything.


The pear shape with a wider end on one side.  It useful for connecting different sizes of equipment on each end if needed. There are many uses for a stainless steel quick link. Such as towing chain (light duty) applications, rigging sailing equipment, linking rope assemblies, securing quick release tie downs, attaching webbing and more- nearly any job that calls for quickness and durability.



Technical & Feature

MaterialAISI 304/316
Processing Machining/Stamping
FinishElectrophoretic coating/Highly Polishing
Size5×50mm  6×60mm  7×70mm  8×80mm  9×90mm  10×100mm  11×120mm  12×140mm
TipsNot for overhead lifting



Specification-Stainless steel Pear Shaped Snap Hook

Spring Hook Pear Shape Stainless Steel,aka snap hook or carbine hook,made of Marine Grade AISI304/316,it's pear shape,been machining,China manufacturer.

Part No.SizeACDLW.L.LN.W.




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