US Fed. Spec. Safety Bolt Chain Shackles G-2150

US Fed. Spec. Safety Bolt Chain Shackles G-2150

  • Description

Safety bolt D Shackle, Bolt Type chain shackle G2150




US Fed. Spec. Safety Bolt Chain Shackles G-2150 meets the necessary requirements including EN 13889 and the US Fed spec performance requirements. It is similar to the standalone pin D shackle, but is more secure thanks to the bolt that prevents unwanted uncoupling. 

The safety bolt incorporates a cotter pin which is inserted into the shank of the bolt after the nut has been placed; this cotter pin or split pin acts as a retainer, and prevents the nut from winding off the pin/bolt. 




  • Capacities 1/3 thru 85 Metric Tons
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Carbon steel
  • Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized, Electro-Galvanized, self-colored.
  • Heat treated: Tempered and Quenched
  • Maximum Proof Load is 2.0 times the Working Load Limit.
  • 4 or 6 Times the Working Load Limit.
  •  Marking: As per customers’ requirement.




Part No.SizeWorking  Load  limitedWeightDimensions (in.)Tolerance +/-
LGG215001 3/16 1/30.060.380.250.880.190.60.561.470.980.190.060.06
LGG215002 1/4 1/2 0.110.470.311.130.250.780.611.841.
LGG215003 5/16 3/40.220.530.381.220.310.840.752.091.470.310.060.06
LGG215004 3/810.330.660.441.440.381.030.912.491.780.380.130.06
LGG215005 7/16 1-1/20.490.750.51.690.441.161.062.912.030.440.130.06
LGG215006 1/220.790.810.641.880.51.311.193.282.310.50.130.06
LGG215007 5/8 3-1/41.681.060.772.380.631.691.54.192.940.690.130.06
LGG215008 3/4 4-3/42.721.250.892.810.7521.814.973.50.810.250.06
LGG215009 7/8  6-1/23.951.441.023.310.882.282.095.834.030.970.250.06
LGG2150101 8-1/25.661.691.153.7512.692.386.564.691.060.250.06
LGG215011 1-1/8 9-1/28.271.811.
LGG215012 1/1/41211.712.031.44.691.293.2538.255.751.380.250.06
LGG215013 1-3/8 13-1/215.832.251.535.251.423.633.319.166.381.50.250.13
LGG215014 1-1/217192.381.665.751.533.883.63106.881.620.250.13
LGG215015 1-3/42533.912.882.0471.8454.1912.348.
LGG215017 2-1/25598.254.132.810.52.717.255.6917.912.753.130.250.25


If the D shackle you are looking for is not specified here and not with our shackles range then please
contact us as we can have custom D shackles made to order from customers specifications in either high tensile steel or stainless steel.


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