Delta Quick Link

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Delta Quick Link, Zinc Plated —China LG Supply

Delta Quick Links are only to be loaded along the major axis. When connected with chain, Delta Quick Links should be of the same diameter. Never connect any Delta Quick Link onto a lifting chain. Delta Quick Links are quickly and easily installed for Webbing Material. Self-aligning, positive threaded closure–fastens tightly with fingers, requiring no tools.



  • Made by Carbon Steel
  • High Quality Zinc galvanized
  • Superior rust resistance
  • Not to be used for overhead lifting applications.
  • Used to join 2 pieces of Chain together or as just a general fastener


Available size for Zinc Plated Delta Quick Link:

3.5MM Delta Quick Link, Zinc Plated
4MM Delta Quick Link, Zinc Plated
5MM Delta Quick Link, Zinc Plated
6MM Delta Quick Link, Zinc Plated
8MM Delta Quick Link, Zinc Plated
10MM Delta Quick Link, Zinc Plated
12MM Delta Quick Link, Zinc Plated


Delta Quick Link, Zinc Plated—–Specification


Part No.SizeHH1CDLL1EW.L.LN.W.
Carbon Steel mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmlbskgs/100pcs





China LG Supply stainless steel Delta Quick Links are in Type 316 stainless steel, which is considered “marine grade.” Type 316 stainless steel has better resistance to salts and acids that cause corrosion and pitting, so it’s ideal for outdoor uses over typical stainless steel which is generally Type 304 stainless steel.


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