China LG Long D Shackle Piling Shackle

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China LG Long D Shackle Piling Shackle



China LG Long D Shackle Piling Shackle, also known as piling shackles.

They are commonly use for anchoring to steel piling sheets for shoring up the ground.

They need to be longer than a standard dee shackle to enable them to be located through the hole lower down the piling sheets.

These long d piling shackles are commonly utilise on construction sites where piling is needed to stabilize ground levels.

Long d shackle can anchor to a steel piling sheet some distance down from the top.

But a standard shackle is not long enough.

For instance, a standard 1 tonne dee shackle the inside length is around 76mm,but a piling shackle this measurement is 152mm long, as you can see there is quite a significant difference.

Long dee shackles with ‘A’ shaped screw pin and are manufactured from high tensile steel grade 4 with self-color finish as standard.

Hot dipped galvanized or zinc plated is also available.These extra coating provides an amount of protection, resistant corrosion and abrasion over time.


Technical & Application

MaterialHigh Tensile Steel Grade 4
WLL5 : 1
Surface FinishedSelf-color / Zinc Plated / Hot Dipped Galvanized
TipsSpecial specification and marks can be made according to customers’ requirements


Specification – China LG Long D Shackle Piling Shackle

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Item No.WLLDiameter(Bow)Diameter(Pin)Diameter(Eye)Width(Inside)Length(Inside)Weight(Each)
tonsa mmb mmc mmd mme mmkg

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